from a dream to reality...       

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We started in 2012 as the Tomlinson Playing Card Company. Our first deck of playing cards was inspired by a trip our family took to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts. While visiting this living history village, we learned about how early American settlers created their own playing cards using likenesses of notable people of that time. This inspired our founder, RJ Tomlinson, to create the Unrest Series of playing cards. This series consisted of three different decks of cards which explored different times in American history.

In 2016, the company changed its name to Barclay Mountain to pay tribute to our own local history. Barclay Mountain was once a community that consisted of over 3,000 residents. This community was located in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. It supplied coal and lumber to places like New York City until all of its resources were exhausted. Once the industries died, so did the community. In time the wilderness took over and today there’s nobody who lives there. The only signs that life once existed there is a few old foundations and a cemetery.

Over the years, we’ve produced decks of playing cards for many businesses, museums, schools, churches and other organizations. In 2020, we started to produce tarot cards in addition to or playing cards.