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Join Our Immersive Treasure Hunts

Barclay Mountain Co. creates immersive treasure hunts that unite communities. Partnering with local chambers of commerce, we design free events that support fundraising efforts and help participants discover local gems, businesses, and history.

Join us for an unforgettable experience where you can explore hidden treasures while connecting with fellow adventurers. Our treasure hunts are designed to foster a sense of exploration and community bonding, making each event a unique and enriching journey.


We are Robert and Albina.

I first met Albina in 2019 during a business trip to Moscow, Russia. We fell instantly in love, and our romance has taken us on several adventures around the world. We've climbed mountains in China and Turkey, enjoyed a pizza tour of Italy, and visited places like Warsaw, Poland, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and many locations throughout the United States.

In 2023, I made a series of mistakes, distancing myself from Albina and moving far from home. During this time, I felt depressed and vowed to undo my mistakes. This is when I was inspired to create immersive treasure hunts to help people learn about their communities and discover hidden gems. Additionally, I came up with the idea of using pizza boxes as a metaphor for people fighting hidden battles. Often, these individuals feel like trash, so the pizza box serves as a reminder that even something discarded can have value.

This concept became very popular, and our business was born. I got Albina back in my life, we returned home, and we got married on June 1st, 2024.


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